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A sampling of what other writers have said about Steven Sher’s work:

o        "(Steven Sher manages) to transform the anomalies of daily living into something as rich and dense as a tapestry."—John Ashbery

o        "(There are) tremors of realization...a strong feeling of location...a gust of feeling as I read."—William Stafford

o        “Take a pinch of Chelm, a dab of midrash, hearty sprinklings of Kafka and I. B. Singer, a touch of Rabbi Nachman and you'll have a taste of Steve Sher's stories from Slawotich, a town where magic is as common as black bread.” —Eric Kimmel

o        “Unabashedly emotional, this is poetry of the deepest sentiment, as full of moving truths as it is full of invention…illumined by the transformative power of the poet’s language.” —Barry Wallenstein

o        "Steven Sher is our guide to love and affection in this fallen world…In this age of hustle and hype, his soft-pitched and steady voice is just what we need.” —Charles Fishman

o        “Throughout these quiet, loving and humorous poems about a father, the reader comes to know why such a person ensures the survival of the generation…a deeply felt spiritual exploration.” —Glenna Luschei

o        Wise without being bitter, simple without being naïve—these are tales you’ll read to your children with a little shiver, the way the great family stories are read.”—Joanne Greenberg

o        In our time I can think of no more sustained and rending justice done to death of a loved friend…At (Sher’s) finest it is as fine as the ‘Absalom/Absalom.’” —Ron Bayes

o        Sher is a poet of exceptional verbal gifts and unique sensibility who never forgets that ‘the human spirit will survive.’” —Morton Marcus

o       (Sher’s poems) are driven by a considerable spiritual depth…(and are) of that tradition in English poetry reaching from Donne to Hopkins to Vassar Miller.” —Tom Ferté

o        "I was moved by the accumulating weight of a world—a world densely populated, keenly observed...the street-life of Brooklyn of the '40s and '50s, the culture of East European Jews...."—Marc Kaminsky

o        ”(Sher’s work) feels very much like something Woody Allen or Mel Brooks might write. Great fun.”—Daniel Jaffe