The House of Washing Hands   
(2014) Pecan Grove Press

Set in the Pacific Northwest, where Sher lived for 20 years, the poems are explorations of Jewish ritual and faith, family and community, finding the holy in the mundane.

ISBN: 978-1-937302-11-5

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Grazing on Stars: Selected Poems
(2012) Presa Press

This collection offers a varied sampling from Sher's first 30 years of writing poetry. The poems appear in three sections, each one covering roughly a 10-year period beginning in 1975.

ISBN 978-0-9831251-7-4

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The Skipping Stone
(2011) Finishing Line Press

A deeply-felt spiritual exploration
of the natural world.

ISBN 978-1599247144

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Where the Shouting Began
(2009) Montemayor Press

Sher's original fantastic folktales
bring Slawotich (his grandmother's shtetl)
back to life.

ISBN 978-1-932727-08-6

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At the Willamette
(2003) SOLO Press

Reflecting on 20 years in Oregon, Sher captures the awe
beside the ordinary of the Northwest landscape.

ISBN 0-941490-408

(2002) Creative Arts Book Company

A son (Sher) mourns for his father and finds healing
amid family and ritual, love and remembrance.

ISBN 0-88739-419-1 

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Flying through Glass
(2001) Red Hill OUTLOUDBOOKS

Sher's elegy to a murdered boyhood friend, a nostalgic recollection of their teen summers in the Catskill Mountains.
ISBN 1-879969-10-6

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the author here.

Traveler's Advisory
(1994) Trout Creek Press

Finalist -- Oregon Book Awards
A constant traveler across America,
Sher recounts numerous stops along the way.

ISBN 0-916155-24-2

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 Man with a Thousand Eyes
(1989) Gull Books

Sher's haunting short stories reflect the tensions of
20th C. Jewish life and the absence
prevailing in the larger American culture.
ISBN 0-940584-17-4


 Northwest Variety
(1987) Arrowood Books

Sher co-edited this collection of essays (with Lex Runciman) by 14 regional authors who explore how the Northwest imprints
their writing and their lives.

ISBN 0-934847-04-5

 Trolley Lives
(1985) Wampeter Press

Sher's portrait of Brooklyn's Jewish life
(and his East European roots) in the decades following WWII.

ISBN 0-931694-28-0

 Caught in the Revolving Door
(1980) Love Street Books

Drawn to odd characters, Sher unmasks the people
 he has met in life's revolving door.

(1979) Seven Woods Press

A young poet (Sher) looks for deeper meaning
 in words and their definitions.

ISBN 0-913282-19-7

(1978) Seagull Publications

Sher's first book is part philosophy, part dream -- a mind trip that transforms daily living into a rich tapestry.