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The House of Washing Hands 

Steven Sher

"The sound of running water
fills our house, an ocean's
timeless rise and fall..."

     Set in the Pacific Northwest, where he lived for 20 years, the poems are explorations of Jewish ritual and faith, family and community, finding the holy in the mundane.  

   Pecan Grove Press, publisher of fine poetry titles since 1988, operates out of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas. The press is currently on hiatus and unable to fulfill any book orders at this time. For now, copies will be available only from the author. 

     Order and prepay by October 15 to receive a signed copy(ies) in early November when Steven is in the States for the book release. Copies of The House of Washing Hands are available for $15 each (plus $3 for postage/handling for up to three books).  

Special Offer

The above titles from Steven’s previous books (now out of print) are still available from the author at a cost of $10 each (plus $3 for postage/handling for an order of up to three books which can include The House of Washing Hands).

Order by October 15 to receive signed copies in early November.

 The Skipping Stone
Finishing Line Press, 2011: poems exploring our relationship with the natural world                            

Creative Arts Book Co., 2002: poems about his father: loss and mourning
Flying Through Glass
Red Hill OUTLOUDBOOKS, 2001: poems about a boyhood friend and his gangland murder

Grazing on Stars: Selected Poems 

  Steven Sher

      This selection of poems offers a varied sampling from his first thirty years of writing poetry. The poems appear in three sections, each one covering roughly a ten-year period beginning in 1975. Richly textured word tapestries infused with emotional invocations, Sher’s poems seek to transcend the everyday into the spiritual realm.
able now through Presa Press and through major booksellers (or contact the author here for information).

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